Zarmond Azranthul

Shaved headed, stoic monk of Azmodeus


Order must be kept. Azmodeus’ will must be upheld. Those unwilling to fall in line will bend or break.

Zarmond has been assigned to the group to assist in the cleansing and placement of the rightful noble. And, to ensure that once that is done, the will of Azmodeus continues to reign.

To be so young and be given this task is an honor. Zarmond wondered who he had threatened with his ability. Someone had to call in quite a few favors to stick Zarmond with this honor, that is for sure.

All Zarmond could do is make the best of it. He will travel to this city, accomplish his task and setup a church in the name of Azmodeus. He will not be shoved to the corner of the land and forgotten. He will meet his destiny regardless of the trials put in his way.


Zarmond Azranthul

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