Lieutenant K. Talaesin

Power is all.


Karina was a new recruit in a Andoran military group of little renown. She truly believed she was doing the right thing for her country by fighting against Cheliax. However, when her little band encountered real opposition, lack of discipline and loyalty sent most of them running away. Not only did they flee, but they trapped Karina in a position to face the threat alone, leaving Karina to watch their desertion with disbelief. Rather than kill her, the Chelish force absorbed her into their numbers. Disillusioned with the behavior of her previous compatriots, Karina readily accepted her new countrymen and their cause.
At least that’s Karina’s version. The real version begins with a small band of Chelish spies attacking a town of no military value where Karina was furthering her studies and serving as the junior member of a team assigned to a protection detail. The Chelish forces had been sent to assassinate an Andoran official who had been stirring up the people against Cheliax. While there had been a betrayer in the midst of her small group of guards, the story doesn’t go quite as Karina remembers it. Her small detachment of soldiers fought and died at the hands of the Chelish force. The official escaped, but it was Karina’s choice to remain behind to facilitate that escape. Deprived of their choice prey, the Chelish group took a different prize.

The group, which included one Tiefling, channeled their frustration at the failure of their mission into Karina’s “retraining”. Eventually, she was turned over to the Chelish army to become a lieutenant dedicated to spreading the laws of Cheliax. Driven by her false memories, and her beloved Tiefling spy for a handler, Karina seeks to impose order that she perceives would have kept her from betrayal and failure. The retraining also boiled down her basic beliefs in her god: power is all. Through achieving more power and control, all will be right in the world. Nethys’ continued support only reinforced her new opinions.

Lieutenant K. Talaesin

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