Cheliax: In the shadow of Devils.

Journey to Shadehollow
It begins


After being called to a meeting with Mazrin Khytain, the assembled Chelaxians have been given the task to travel in secret to the town of Shadehollow, infiltrate the Lord’s keep and assassinate what remains of his entire line. Once that is completed, they are to secure the recently unearthed Kellid tombs, and prepare to defend them. Once the town has been secured and the tombs are ready to be searched.. the hunt can begin for the Summoning stone of air.

As they traveled to meet with Edrard Manes at his estate in Shadehollow, the group was waylaid by bandits led by Dendrin the Black, which were quickly dispatched. When thier journey resumed, they were able to sell the ill gotten gains from the bandits (including the sole survivor into slavery) and resume their journey to shadehollow without further incident.

Upon reaching Shadehollow, they were introduced to Edrard Manes, and after settling in, went down into the sewers to clear the path to the main keep. After disarming a trap, the group was ambushed by a large party of goblins, including two warriors from their “Ash Warrior” cult. The group of goblins were defeated, but not without effort, so the group returned to the manor to recuperate and re-arm.


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