“It is for the strong and the able to prosper.  it is for the weak and inept to provide for the strong as well as the needs of the people. Through dominion, the wheat is separated from the chaff and those who are able to further the cause of their nation are given leave to do so, having their trivial needs provided for by those lesser among them.”   4th Mantra in the Path to Greatness..  The Disciplines of Asmodeus  

Cheliax: In the shadow of devils is a pathfinder test-bed campaign being played by the Croman gaming group. Its primary purpose is to field and integrate new rules from the Ultimate Campaign source-book as well as test the viability of a game whose primary characters are not good aligned and hail from the power hungry empire of Cheliax.

Cheliax: In the shadow of Devils.

Castaigne SarahChristine Rotarr